Meet Emily Rose

Emily-Rose Hills started her digital career by turning a genuine passion into a simple business idea - to launch a dog walking service via Instagram. Following her success with The Dogs Blogger, Emily realised her passion went beyond dogs to the channel itself, sparking her career in the world of social media.


Now, with more than a decade of experience conceiving and executing value-driven social strategies for some of the world’s largest brands including THE ICONIC, NRL and Finder, Emily wants to share everything she knows about using social media for commercial success through THE SOCIAL MEDIA COACH. 


THE SOCIAL MEDIA COACH is centred on the idea of learning through one-to-one training and coaching. Realising the power of talking to founders and small business owners to provide mentorship through the Ask Me Anything initiative launched in late 2021, THE SOCIAL MEDIA COACH aims to build on this personalised approach to online learning, tackling the topic of social media strategy. 

Through TSMC, Emily takes her nurturing style to social media education and puts her clients in the driver’s seat, while she guides and supports business owners through understanding the fundamentals of how to optimise their social channels. 


Ask Me Anything has enabled Emily to meet with over 600 people and counting for free social media mentoring.  


Ask Me Anything

The LinkedIn phenomenon that started it all. 


Ask Me Anything is a free support service for anyone looking to sense check their social media strategy, ask questions about where to begin, or simply learn a little more about up-to-date changes in the ever changing  world of social media. 


If you’re a marketing graduate, digital marketer or business owner trying to grow a social presence, don’t miss this opportunity for free support from THE SOCIAL MEDIA COACH.

“"AMA" is still bringing such joy to my weekday mornings - it's fully integrated into my routine, and I can't imagine a time when my calendar won't be open for a conversation about social media over a cup of tea ☕️”
— Emily-Rose Hills


Patrick C. 


I run a couple of small businesses rather chaotically but got in touch with Emily when I read a post in which she offered free advice about marketing in social media. The words 'advice' and 'free' in one sentence were compelling. And so too was the advice. I think the 'free' part of Emily's service has now ended but I would willingly pay for more of her magic dust. If you find the social media landscape tricky to navigate, get in touch with Emily. That's my advice. Free.

Januarie B. 


Emily-Rose popped up on my feed (the universe gives you what you need at the right time) as offering free ask me anything about social media, i jumped at the chance as although I use social media a lot I want to learn how to use it properly to relaunch my business. She gave me amazing tips on segmenting my audience particular to different accounts and streams. Can't wait until my next session! Thanks so much.

Carlie O. 


Emily came prepared for our session, is incredibly knowledgeable, super passionate about helping businesses achieve actual results and an incredibly authentic and lovely human all round. From just one short session, I left feeling empowered and inspired to start creating content online for my startup business, something I had never done before (either personally or professionally)… and her weekly round ups and daily tips help me continue to learn and grow. Cannot recommend her highly enough! Thank you Em.


Choose the support that best works for you.

Weekly Coaching

Emily-Rose offers a limited number of 1:1 coaching sessions each week to support businesses in their social media endeavours.

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Self-Paced Training

THE SOCIAL MEDIA COACH Training Program is a hands-on hybrid course that blends online learning with one-to-one training.

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